Fuel Filtration and Coalescer Systems


The harmful effects of moisture and particulate contamination in Fuel Oil have been well documented. Oil Filtration Systems, Inc. has combined the latest innovations in coalescer technology and pleated microglass filter media in one system to achieve optimal fluid cleanliness in fuel oils. Utilizing high efficiency coalescer/separator filter elements, these systems are designed to quickly remove large amounts of free water from diesel fuel or other fuel oils, achieving overall water content as low as 8 PPM. At the same time, the high efficiency pleated microglass filter elements are capable of achieving very low particle counts as low as an ISO 15/13/10 Cleanliness Level.


  • Flow rates from 3.8 to 3800 LPM.
  • Rapidly Remove Bulk Free & emulsified water from Fuel Oil, achieving overall water content as low as 8 PPM.
  • Remove particulate down to ISO 15/13/10.
  • Purify to new fuel oil specifications.

Standard Features:

  • Push-Button On-Off Switch with Fully Automatic Water Drain and Sump
  • NEMA 4 Electric Control Panel with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Plugged Filter Indication, and Automatic System Shut-Down
  • 7-Micron Pre-Filter & 5 Micron Post-Filter Rated Beta(c) =1000 Per ISO 16889
  • Upstream/Downstream Fuel Oil Sample Ports
  • Low Watt-Density Circulation Heater With Digital Temperature Controller


  • Compact, one button operation for continuous duty.
  • No adjustments are needed.


  • Designed to run continuous in an outdoor environment.
  • Heavy-duty gear pump & electric motor.
  • Virtually no mechanical maintenance.

Coalescing technology enables you to remove bulk free water at extremely fast rates - previously this could only be done by centrifuges. Coalescing technology outperforms centrifuges, is simpler to use, costs less to maintain, and is lower in initial purchase price.


  • Lower Cost Than Competitive Systems And/Or Centrifuges
  • Simple and Reliable Operation Requiring Virtually No Maintenance
  • Highest Water Extraction Rates Available In The Industry

Optional Features and Accessories:

  • Inline Digital Moisture Indicator
  • Inline Digital Particle Counter
  • Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) For Class 1, Division 2, Class C&D Hazardous Locations
  • 304SS Or 316SS Material
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC
  • 480V, 3-Phase or 220V, 1-Phase Electrical
  • Coreless Filter Elements
  • Skid Mounted For Permanent Installation or Portable Version With Push-Rail and Oversized Casters
  • Buna or Viton Seals
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