High Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Systems (HVTOPS)


In order to achieve optimal dielectric strength and insulating performance inside of transformers and circuit breakers, dielectric oils must be kept absolutely clean and dry. Substation Maintenance Contractors and Utilities need a rig that can quickly and reliably process transformer oil to meet or exceed very stringent specifications, so Oil Filtration Systems, Inc. designs and builds the most effective, durable, and user-friendly Hi-Vac system on the market today. Special engineered design features maximize the water extraction rates of our systems, and top-quality components and workmanship ensure years of maintenance-free operation and performance.


  • Flow Rates Range From 19 LPM to 110 LPM or Higher
  • Water Removal. Achieve Overall Water Content Of < 10 PPM In Single Pass By Removing Free, Emulsified, and Dissolved Water
  • Particulate Removal. Achieve Particle Counts As Low As ISO 14/12/9 With High Efficiency Pleated Microglass Filter Elements Rated Beta(c)>1000 per ISO 16889 and Remove Particles As Small As 0.5 Micron
  • Entrained Air and Gas Removal. Achieve Soluble Air and Gas Content of < 0.05% In Single Pass
  • Acid Removal. Can Be Equipped With Fullers Earth Towers To Neutralize Acid and Lower TAN to < 0.03 KOH/g
  • Dielectric Strength. Achieve > 50 kV per ASTM 877

Standard Features:

  • 2-Stage Vacuum Pump & Blower Capable Of Pulling Vacuum Down To 0.05 Torr
  • Digital Torr Gauge
  • High Vacuum Tower With Coalescer Elements
  • NEMA 4 Electric Control Panel: 480V, 3-Phase, 60Hz (Other Options Available)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (Standard On Larger Systems) For Variable Speed Control
  • Inlet Pump: Self Priming Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Plugged Filter Indicator Lights With Automatic System Shut-Down
  • Inline Digital Flow Meter and Totalizer
  • Flanged Dry-Out Connection For Drying Out Internal Paper Windings
  • Upstream/Downstream Oil Sample Ports
  • All Systems Come Standard With (6) Sections of Heavy Duty Petroleum Transfer Hose and (3) Sections of Vacuum Rated Hose For Dry-Out
  • Configurations Include Single or Multiple Filter Housings With Cartridge Style Filter Elements

Optional Features:

  • Inline Digital Particle Monitor
  • Inline Digital Moisture Indicator (Doble Domino)
  • Fullers Earth Towers For Acid Removal
  • NEMA 7 Explosion Proof Components
  • Open Flatbed or Enclosed Trailer
  • Onboard Generator (Diesel, Gasoline, or Natural Gas)
  • Steam Heater

Designed for use on:

  • Mineral Based Transformer Oil
  • Synthetic Transformer Oil (R-Temp)
  • Silicon Transformer Oil
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